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reprint from Good Housekeeping
April 1960

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Webmaster's Notes
A mass for Ty was said at the Church of San Francisco el Grande in Madrid. Each person attending received a card, which read as follows: One of the greatest tributes to Tyrone Power was by a friend of many years standing. Mrs. Power expressed a wish that the many individuals involved in the production of Solomon and Sheba and Mr. Power's friends be given an opportunity to read the following tribute to the actor by Mr. George Sanders:

"I shall always remember Tyrone Power as a bountiful man. A man who gave freely of himself. It mattered not to whom he gave. His concern was in the giving. I shall always remember his wonderful smile, a smile that would light up the darkest hour of the day, like a sunburst. I shall always remember Tyrone Power as a man who gave more of himself than it was wise for him to give. Until in the end he gave his life."

When Cesar Romero, another of Ty's good friends, gave his eulogy at the memorial service in Hollywood, he paraphrased George Sanders's tribute.

According to Sanders's sister, Margaret, he was "deeply affected" by Ty's death, as their friendship had been a long one, dating back to 1936, when they appeared in Lloyds of London. That movie was the first substantial role for both actors.

( Vanderbeets, Richard. George Sanders, An Exhausted Life. Madison Books: Lanham, Maryland, 1990, pp. 152-153.)

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