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Movie and Radio Guide
June 15-21, 1940
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Webmaster's Notes

4 The high school graduation date given here of 1933 is probably just a typo. Tyrone Power graduated from high school in 1931 and then joined his dad to study acting from him. His dad died in December of 1931.

5 Other sources have commented that Tyrone Power was extremely intelligent, with an excellent memory and ability to speed read. However, in school, he was more interested in dramatics and other activities than in studying.

6 Other sources have explained that Tyrone Power was on his own, for the most part, after his dad died. He tried getting work in Hollywood, worked in Chicago on radio, and in New York on stage. I am assuming that the reference to his mom joining him was when he signed up with 20th Century-Fox, probably before he became a star. This would have been several years after he was on his own.

7Ty wrote an article about this. Click here to read his article.

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