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Photoplay with Movie Mirror
July 1941

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At this point in their marriage:

Pearl Harbor had not yet been bombed, so Ty wasn't even thinking of joining the Marines. (article - July 1941; Pearl Harbor - December 7, 1941). Ty would sign up in August 1942; several months after that, he would but report for boot camp training.

Ty and Annabella hadn't yet done their stage play, Liliom. They did do the play just weeks after the article (two weeks, beginning August 11, 1941, at The Country Playhouse, Westport, Connecticut).

Annabella would later spend several months away from Ty, in Chicago, doing a stage play.

Annabella was returning to making movies as Ty was leaving for military service. In 1943, she had two movies released, Bomber's Moon and Tonight We Raid Calais. These were starring roles in 20th Century-Fox films. These were the first movies that she had made since her marriage to Ty. She married him in April 1939, and in May 1939, an MGM movie called Bridal Suite was released. Not until 1943 did she return to the screen.

Several months after Ty returned from service in World War II, Annabella left Ty in Hollywood to prepare for a starring role in Sarte's stage play, No Exit, in New York. In October 1946, she formally announced their separation. She returned to France a bit later, and, in January 1949, their divorce was finalized. She tried to re-establish her screen career in France. She made just a few movies over there, but her career never again got off the ground.

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