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by Hymie Fink

Photoplay, May 1947

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BEFORE WE LEFT URUAPAN we went to a most spectacular baseball game between the Mexicans and the Americans. The game was a lot of fun because the Mexicans make up their own rules as they go along. However, the Americans won.

WHILE WE WERE WATCHING, Ty's co-pilot came in with a bandage over his nose. He said he had been taking up Ty's plane when the motor conked out near the end of the runway. The plane was wrecked. Jeff was sure lucky to come out with only a bruised nose.

WHEN THE SCENES WERE FINISHED HERE, the company prepared to leave for Acapulco, the famous coast resort about two hundreds miles south. We heard the location in Acapulco was being guarded night and day the the Army because they still have trouble with bandits from the hills.

Since the crew was leaving for Acapulco that weekend, Ty decided to fly the film into Mexico City. I went along with him, as this was my only chance to get back in a hurry.

And that's it, kids -- what happens when your photographer gets a fling down Mexico way!

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