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Silver Screen
July 1946 issue

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Webmaster's Notes

2Ty's parents were divorced when he was a small child.

3 Ty made one movie, in a bit part, Tom Brown of Culver, during this time. He would return a couple years later for a brief try at movies, where he did Flirtation Walk, in which he was uncredited with no lines.

4The director was Sidney Lanfield, who decided, during the filming of Sing, Baby, Sing that Ty would never become a movie actor. He had him replaced in the movie with Michael Whalen, an actor who had more movie experience than Ty and was twelve years older. Michael Whalen never did become a big star. Lanfield did end up eventually directing Ty in two movies, Second Fiddle and Thin Ice .

5This would be due to his breakout film, Lloyd's of London, which was a huge success and made him an overnight star.

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