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Life Magazine
Oct 24, 1938

4-Page set; click link at bottom to continue

The dreaded Sahara simoon strikes down on de Lesseps' construction camp, wrecks his equipment, kills his men, and almost obliterates his canal. Here he carries Toni (Annabella) to shelter against the sandstorm that tosses men about like toys.

Struck by a falling timber, de Lesseps is in danger of being blown away when Toni fights her way to him and lashes him to a beam. She is blown away herself. After the storm, when wreckage is cleared, they find her crushed under a water tank.

The precious water tank, so essential in building the ditch through the desert, is tipped by the simoon. The struggle to save it fails. A great gust topples it, one of the tanks bursts, showers the hapless canal diggers with a fatal hail of timber.


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