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Notes on the Movie

This movie was released within about eight weeks of Love Is News , which also paired 20th Century-Fox's popular screen team, Tyrone Power and Loretta Young.

The story was written by Gregory Ratoff, who also had a supporting role in the movie. Twenty years later, Ratoff would be in the supporting cast for another movie that starred Ty -- The Sun Also Rises .

Ratoff also directed Ty in two movies -- Day-Time Wife and Rose of Washington Square.

Critics comments on Ty's performance--

New York Herald Tribune offered this: "As the penniless Princeton playboy, Mr. Power is attractive and assured. He is far more debonair than most of Hollywood's matinee idols."

New York World-Telegram said that the movie was a "frolicsome vagary about deliciously improbable people, superbly acted and directed, with Tyrone Power quite at his best as the young Princetonian."

The Story - Just Briefly

The story is a a pleasant bit of fluff, typical of many light romantic comedies of the day. Ty plays Alexander Brown, a young man who has gotten himself into a bit of trouble with a debt at a Paris gambling table. After he writes a bad check for his debt, he is threatened with being tossed into jail. In order to make good on his debt, he goes along with a scheme to pose as a Russian prince. The "prince" will try to charm Laura Ridgeway (Loretta Young), an American heiress; marry her; then pay the debt from her money. Alex has no trouble getting her to fall for him. Complicating the situation, though, is the fact that the real Russian prince shows up and demands that Alex quit using his name. Another problem arises when Alex finds himself falling for Laura. At this point, he wants to back out on the scheme. There are quite a few hoops to jump through before the entire situation is resolved.

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