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The movie is also known as "The House in the Square" and "Man of Two Worlds".

This movie really is a haunting, beautiful movie, unforgettable for those lucky enough to have seen it. It has periodically been shown on television, but is unavailable for purchase on DVD or VHS, except now and then through a copy someone is offering through Ebay.

The basis for the movie is the 1929 play, Berkeley Square, by John Balderston.

Leslie Howard (most famous as Ashley Wilkes in "Gone With the Wind") had originally played Peter Standish, first in the stage play and then in the film version called, "Berkeley Square".

The movie was filmed in London, beginning in January 1951. Ty only had a week between the closing of his stage show, "Mr. Roberts", and the beginning of shooting "I'll Never Forget You".

When Constance Smith, the leading lady, became ill with pneumonia, Ann Blyth was quickly brought in to replace her. This required re-shooting of scenes, which increased the expenses for an already expensive movie.

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