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Torrid Tomboy Terry Hottest Stardom Bet

(reprint from “King of the Khyber Rifles” campaign booklet)

Terry Moore, who co-stars with Tyrone Power and Michael Rennie in "King of the Khyber Rifles", Twentieth Century Fox's newest CinemaScope picture, has blossomed out as the hottest star bet in all of Hollywood today. Although she is a Mormon and neither smokes nor drinks, her lively antics have won for her the sobriquet of "torrid tomboy."

Terry has been an actress for 13 of her 24 years, but she worked at it only spasmodically and did not attract much attention until she won an Academy Award nomination last year for her role in "Come Back, Little Sheba". Since then she has appeared in three Twentieth Century-Fox productions, "Man on a Tightrope", "Beneath the 12-Mile Reef", and now "King of the Khyber Rifles", the last two in CinemaScope.

Nothing Illustrates better the reason for her success than the story of how she landed the top feminine role opposite Tyrone Power in her current film. Exactly 24 hours after she had returned from Florida, where she had spent seven grueling weeks filming scenes for "Beneath the 12-Mile Reef", she launched her campaign to get another role. She called a friend at the Twentieth Century-Fox studio and inquired about any new parts that she might like. Her friend told her that Henry King was casting for a feminine lead opposite Tyrone Power.

"Ty Power?" Terry shrieked. "Thanks a lot!"

Knowing Terry well, her friend warned that the role required a British accent. Not deterred, she wangled a copy of the script for "King of the Khyber Rifles", made dates with several members of the British colony in Hollywood, acquired the necessary accent and then told her agent to arrange a test for the part.

Producer Frank P. Rosenberg and Director King looked at the test, and the rest of the story about Terry's go-getter tactics is told in the billing for the picture, which puts the little bombshell second to Power.

Terry, who relishes publicity like a paid-up member of the Publicists Guild, cooperates unfailingly with the press, photographers and studio agents. She claims this has been responsible, in large measure, for her success. It has - but chief credit goes to the glamour girl's hard-headed realization of what a career means.

"You can never forget that this business, for all its glamour is work," she said. "Work, work and more work. It's pleasant to play - but it doesn't get you anywhere professionally.

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