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Ty Learns A Little Pushtu

(reprint from “King of the Khyber Rifles” campaign booklet)

Tyrone Power, who speaks some Italian, French and Spanish, added a smattering of Pushtu to his talents for his half-caste role in "King of the Khyber Rifles". According to the Technical Advisor Patrick Whyte, who served 17 years in the British army in India, Power picked up the language quickly, but Pushtu was no pushover. Here are samples of the language Power had to master:

"Khudai de dukhman shi. Aie sharma. (May God be your enemy - Ah, shame.)

Be poze mor' zoi' (Sons of noseless mothers)

Malum ba kegi ta surkuzoi langedale ye. (You will discover you were born as a pig.)

Ta kheri ba khore. (You will eat filth.)

Ao khate khe ba samle. (And die in the mud.)

Khwar mashe. (May you never be poor.)

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