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'Khyber Rifles' Newest CinemaScope Smash

(reprint from “King of the Khyber Rifles” campaign booklet)

In "King of the Khyber Rifles", Twentieth Century-Fox took full advantage of the new CinemaScope process and Technicolor in capturing the scenic beauty and violent action of this Kiplingesque story of India in 1857. Only on the broad, panoramic screen afforded by CinemaScope could Talbot Mundy's popular novel be given the scope required. Director Henry King, a master of spectacle, used it to full advantage to give the audience a new and thrilling entertainment experience. Tyrone Power, Terry Moore and Michael Rennie are triumphant at the head of a cast of thousands.

The fierce battles of British soldiers and wild Afridi tribesmen fighting their way up and down mountains, through India's Khyber Pass and across deserts provide a tumultuous and picturesque background for a compelling love story beautifully portrayed by Tyrone Power and Terry Moore. Ty Power has never been more attractively stalwart than he is as Captain King of the Khyber Rifles in this spectacular film, and he has had many a swashbuckling role in his career. As a half-breed British soldier, he gives a convincing performance and adds much to the enjoyment of the picture. Terry Moore, who is rapidly becoming one of Hollywood's top young stars, is a winsome daughter of a British general, played capably by Michael Rennie.

The story is all told with flashing sabres, eye-arresting color and a dramatic impact that lifts it into the extraordinary of screen entertainment.

Henry King gave his directorial best to "King of the Khyber Rifles", and the excellent supporting cast headed by John Justin, Guy Rolfe, Richard Stapley, Murray Matheson, Frank de Kova, Argentina Brunetti and Sujata gives every character vigorous portrayal.

Producer Frank P. Rosenberg endowed the production with a lavishness that enhances the action, and Leon Shamroy deployed his CinemaScope and Technicolor cameras to catch the scenic beauty in all its splendor. A nod should be given also to Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts for the fine screenplay of Harry Kleiner's adaptation of the novel, and another to Bernard Herrmann for his musical score.

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