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pictured at left - Ty and Rita Hayworth, from Blood and Sand

This set of three pages is dedicated to the leading ladies who were paired with Ty in only movie!

Jean Peters

born October 15, 1926 Canton, Ohio
died October 13, 2000 Carlsbad, California (leukemia)


movie with Ty: Captain from Castile

other films include
Niagara, Pickup on South Street, Viva Zapata!

As a Miss Ohio State beauty contest winner, Jean Peters won a trip to Hollywood. 20th Century-Fox quickly signed her to a contract and gave her in a starring role, opposite Tyrone Power, in one of their biggest movies of the year, Captain from Castile. Offscreen, she gained notoriety with her relationship with Howard Hughes, whom she married in 1957 and divorced in 1971.

Joan Fontaine

born October 22, 1917, Tokyo, Japan (to British parents)


movie with Ty: This Above All

other films include
Rebecca, Suspicion, Jane Eyre

At the 1942 Oscars, Joan Fontaine was nominated for best lead actress for 1941's Suspicion. Also nominated was her older sister, Olivia de Havilland. The situation worsened an already-strained relationship. Joan won the Oscar.

Kim Novak

born February 13, 1933 , Chicago, Illinois


movie with Ty: The Eddy Duchin Story

other films include
Pal Joey, Picnic, Vertigo

Born Marilyn Pauline Novak, this lovely and talented actress was pressured, as a starlet with Columbia Pictures, to change her name to Kit Marlowe. She refused but did agree to change her first name from "Marilyn" to "Kim", since "Marilyn" was so closely associated with Marilyn Monroe. Later, during the 1986-1987 television season, she played a character named "Kit Marlowe" on Falcon Crest.

Madeleine Carroll

born February 26. 1906 West Bromwich, West Midlands, England
died October 2, 1987, Marbella, Spain. (pancreatic cancer)


movie with Ty: Lloyds of London

other films include
39 Steps, The Prisoner of Zenda, My Favorite Blonde

Madeleine Carroll first came known to American audiences by way of two British films, 39 Steps and Secret Agent. After coming to America in 1936, she made a big splash with starring roles opposite Gary Cooper in The General Died at Dawn and Tyrone Power, in his first big movie, Lloyds of London. She became an American citizen in 1943.

Mai Zetterling

born May 24, 1925, Västerås, Västmanlands län, Sweden
died March 17, 1994 London, England (cancer)


movie with Ty: Abandon Ship

other films include
Knock on Wood, Torment, Only Two Can Play

Mai acted primarily in British films. Ty appeared in a British television show in 1956 with Mai, called Miss Julie. The two also dated for a bit (after his divorce from second wife, Linda Christian and before he married Debbie Minardos, in 1958).

Marlene Dietrich

born December 27, 1901 Berlin-Schöneberg, Germany
May 6, 1992, Paris, France (kidney failure)


movie with Ty: Witness for the Prosecution

other films include
Destry Rides Again, Desire, Judgment at Nuremburg

Adolph Hitler tried to get Marlene Dietrich back to Germany to make pro-Nazi films. She refused, and, instead, spent much time during the war with the U.S.O., entertaining American troops.

Micheline Presle (aka in U.S. as Micheline Prelle)

born August 22, 1922, Paris, France


movie with Ty: American Guerrilla in the Philippines

other films include
Adventures of Captain Fabian, Under My Skin, La Dame aux camélias (French film)

This stunning French actress gained international attention with 1946's Le Diable au corps (Devil in the Flesh). In 1950, she married American actor/producer William Marshall and came with him to America, where she starred in a few films with top Hollywood stars John Garfield, Tyrone Power and Errol Flynn. After divorcing in 1954, she returned to Paris, where she starred in many more films. She is still active in French television and films.

Myrna Loy

born August 2, 1905 Radersburg, Montana
December 14, 1993, New York, New York (complications during surgery)


movie with Ty: The Rains Came

other films include
The Great Ziegfeld, Libeled Lady, The Best Years of Our Lives

Myrna Loy's most famous role was that of Nora Charles, in MGM's "Thin Man" series. She was a fine actress, however, who made her mark in many films, in a variety of roles. She starred with many of the top actors of the day, including Clark Gable, Cary Grant, William Powell, Spencer Tracy, Mickey Rooney, Walter Pidgeon, and Ronald Colman, among others.

Nancy Kelly

born March 25, 1921 Lowell, Massachusetts
died January 2, 1995, Bel Air, California(complications from diabetes)


movie with Ty: Jesse James

other films include
The Bad Seed, Stanley and Livingstone, To the Shores of Tripoli

Nancy Kelly made many films, but she was also very well-known as a stage actress. Her long list of Broadway credits includes Flare Path, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, and Season in the Sun. From Dec 8, 1954 - Sep 27, 1955, she starred in the Broadway play, The Bad Seed, for which she won a Tony for "Best Actress in a Play".

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