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Feb 9, 1955    138 min    Technicolor     CinemaScope     Columbia Pictures     Historical Drama

Comments from the Critics of the Day

Variety: "Standout drama ... For Tyrone Power, the role of Marty Maher is a memorable one. Certainly none of his more recent film roles has had a depth or breadth that would permit full use of his considerable talent as does this one.

The New York Times: "The role of the Irish hero is played by Tyrone Power, and the picture is lustily directed by that most positive Hibernian, John Ford. And the heartstrings are tugged on frequent occasions with a fearless lack of restraint."

Newsweek: "Of all the many Hollywood attempts to define the spirit of West Point, this is far and away the best... Tyrone Power, in a departure from his more conventional roles, has a fine time of aging and graying gracefully."

New York Herald Tribune: "If the movie is effective, most of the credit must go to Tyrone Power, whose performance as Maher is superb. It is sensitive and flexible -- it covers the whole range of subtle changes in a man's personality over a lifetime."

New York Daily News: "Tyrone Power, as Marty, does the most colorful and palpable acting of his career."

Saturday Review: "Tyrone Power, whose physical beauty long concealed an honest acting talent, plays the locker-room Mr. Chips in ingratiating style."

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