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The 47th annual memorial service was held on Tuesday, November 15, 2005.

Guest speakers were Henry Colman, producer and fellow overseas serviceman with Ty; Taryn Power, his daughter; Pat Shade, assistant editor of King of the Khyber Rifles and Untamed; and Maria Ciaccia, author, film historian, and longtime fan of Ty. The Rev. Gary Dickey offered the opening and closing prayers.

The service is open to the public. If you are thinking about attending but would like further information about the service, please feel free to email Joan Leighton. She is very nice and will be happy to tell you about the service and answer any questions that you may have.

Photos on this page are courtesy of Maria Ciaccia and Joan Leighton .

Maria Ciaccia fell in love with Tyrone Power when she was eleven years old. Her interest in him led her into a career as a writer and researcher in the fields of film and celebrity.

Joan Leighton tells us , "My first memory of Tyrone Power probably would be when I first went to the movies at a tender young age with my grandparents. Our neighborhood Theatre ran re-runs for years of old movies. I do believe they re-ran the Mark of Zorro the most. Tyrone Power was our hero of the day with his sword fighting. Probably the first current movie I saw when I was nine years of age, was Captain from Castile at the downtown, "Fox Theatre." It was an awesome movie, and Tyrone Power was as elegant as ever. I grew up knowing Tyrone Power as one of the top movie actors of that era. Still to me, some sixty years later, our Tyrone Power is still the best of the best. I was so glad to attend the anniversary ceremony for Tyrone Power to show my respect to him and his family for his work."

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Program for 2005 ceremony. Courtesy of Joan Leighton

These shots are of a painting of Ty, by Linda Christian, Ty's second wife. Both Linda Christian and Romina Power (Linda's and Ty's daughter) are talented artists. Anne Power Hardenberg, Ty's sister, was also a very talented painter. This particular painting, done by Linda a number of years ago, was displayed in the chapel, where the service was held. First two photos courtesy of Joan Leighton. Third photo courtesy of Maria Ciaccia.

The first shot is of a letter (see transcription at bottom of page) written by Tyrone Power to Henry Colman, who was a guest speaker at the service. The other two shots are family photos. First two photos courtesy of Maria Ciaccia. Third photo courtesy of Joan Leighton.

These shots were taken in the chapel, as people began to arrive and get seated for the memorial service. The gentleman in the blue shirt is Mike Steckler, Ty's standin, beginning with the movie, Rawhide. Steckler took that position when Ty's old friend and standin, Tommy Noonan, died. Mike Steckler and Ty became very close friends. Mr. Steckler, who was with Ty on the day he died, comes each year to the ceremony. Photos courtesy of Joan Leighton.

These are shots of Tyrone Power's grave. On the marble bench which marks his grave are the masks of comedy and tragedy, with the transcription, "Good night, sweet prince." It is located by a small lake, in one of the most beautiful parts of the cemetery. First photo courtesy of Joan Leighton; second photo courtesy of Maria Ciaccia.

The crowd gathers near Tyrone Power's grave. First two photos courtesy of Maria Ciaccia. Third photo courtesy of Joan Leighton.

Taryn Power and her daughter, Stella. First photo courtesy of Joan Leighton. Second and third photos courtesy of Maria Ciaccia.

First photo - Taryn Power and Stella. Second photo - Taryn Power with Colin Watling, who provided these photos. Thank you, Colin

The black swans gather around Tyrone Power's grave. Black swans? What do you make of that? Can't help but thinking of those practical jokes that Ty loved to pull! Photos courtesy of Maria Ciaccia.

The letter to Henry Colman, as best as I can transcribe it, reads as follows:

Hank Colman
? Theatre of Virginia
?, Virginia

April 24, 1947

Dear Friend,

Upon my return from a few days vacation recently, I found your letter and was certainly most happy to hear from you.

Have heard from time to time from Bill Mosley and a few of the other fellows who were in Saipan and have wondered what happened to all the others.

You must be having an interesting time, and I would like to know more about what you are doing with this ? Theatre.

By all means, get in touch with me when you come out to the coast, and we will have a get-together. I don't know exactly where I will be living at that time, but a telephone call to the studio telling me where you will be would be the most efficient method of affecting a reunion.

With all best wishes, and looking forward to seeing you this summer. I am

Yours sincerely,
Tyrone Power

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