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The 49th Annual Memorial Service was held at 11:30 A.M. on Wednesday, November 15, 2007. The photos on this page are courtesy of Maxwell Hoffmann. Thank you, Mr. Hoffmann for the photos. They are beautiful!

The service is open to the public. If you are thinking about attending but would like further information about the service, please feel free to email Joan Leighton. She is very nice and will be happy to tell you about the service and answer any questions that you may have.

Guest speakers were Henry Colman, producer and fellow overseas serviceman with Ty; Tommy Cook, who played the role of Miguel in American Guerrilla in the Philippines; Roy Thorsen, who had a small role as a cadet in The Long Gray Line; and Maria Ciaccia, author, film historian, and longtime fan of Ty. The Rev. Gary Dickey offered the opening and closing prayers. The Celtic Arts Center Choir provided music. H. M. Wynant served as Master of Ceremonies.

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program used for the 2007 ceremony
Click program for enlargement.

Maria Ciaccia's flyer Joan Leighton's flyer
Click flyers to read.
Maria Ciaccia and Joan Leighton created the above flyers,
which were available to all guests at the 2007 Memorial Service.

Master of ceremonies, H. M. Wynant, who came to Hollywood around 1956. He worked with Tommy Cook, who was in American Guerrilla in the Philippines.

The choir

Roy Thorsen, who was a cadet at West Point and dress extra in The Long Gray Line. He had hung around after his crowd scene was over and the director needed two cadets for a closeup of the second lead and Besty Palmer waving good bye on the train.

Thorsen with his photo.

The photo taken as still from the CinemaScope version of The Long Gray Line. Thorsen is the guy on the far right.

Rev. Dickey with bag pipes at graveside.

Rev. Dickey reading Colin Watling's greetings in absentia. Colin is a fan from England who attended the services the past few years and was unable to attend this year. He sent greetings to be read.

Henry Coleman at graveside, who had shared his memories of being on Ty's wartime Marine radio program in Saipan.

Close up of Dickey with Marvin Page eclipsed on the left, Bob Byg and Gary Hill in the background.

The spray of flowers provided by the cemetery.

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