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Card Manipulator Gets Manipulated

(reprint from “The Mississippi Gambler” campaign booklet)

Harry Mendoza, one of the world’s greatest card manipulators, will always remember one hectic day during the filming of Universal-International’s Technicolor “The Mississippi Gambler”, starring Tyrone Power, Piper Laurie and Julia Adams.

Mendoza, serving as technical advisor for card sharp sequences in the film, spent this particular morning teaching Tyrone Power how to execute a “cold” shuffle with a marked deck.

Early in the afternoon he played in a scene in which Power caught him cheating.

During the middle of the afternoon he put on an impromptu show for the crew, showing them what to watch for when playing with professional gamblers.

At five o’clock he got into a friendly “nightcap” draw poker game with a group of the extra players.

He lost two dollars.

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