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Power’s Mail Lists Strange Fan Requests

(reprint from “The Mississippi Gambler” campaign booklet)

Fan mail foibles:

The secretary who handled Tyrone Power’s fan mail at Universal-international during the filming of the Technicolor “The Mississippi Gambler,” also costarring Piper Laurie and Julia Adams, reported the following breakdown on the more than 4,000 letters Ty receives each week.

Three thousand of the fans are content with asking for an autographed photograph.

An average of twenty-five distaff fans propose marriage every week, despite the fact the actor is a married man.

More than one hundred fans make a weekly effort to interest the actor in sideline business ventures. These include everything from investing in plastic mousetraps factories to digging for buried treasure.

Requests for “souvenirs” and for information on how to make the grade in movies also rate high on the actor’s fan mail list.

Finally, there’s the man in a Chicago mental institution who regularly, three to four times a year, leaves Ty a million dollars in his will.

“Which is the best offer I’ve had in the past ten years,” says the actor.

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