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Southern Film Allows Julia to Use Drawl

(reprint from “The Mississippi Gambler” campaign booklet)

“Hand me down my southern drawl,” says Julia Adams. “I’m going to play the corn pone circuit at last.”

Those were the gleeful words of the young actress when told she would play a costarring role with Tyrone Power and Piper Laurie in “The Mississippi Gambler”.

The shapely brunette movie star is the same gal who made the rounds of the Hollywood movie studios a couple of years ago and couldn’t get a job because of her Arkansas accent, which was as full of twang as a rusted banjo.

Julia invested considerable time and money in voice lessons, which took the mountain dew accent from the Adams larynx and got her talking “just like everybody else in Hollywood”.

Then, just when Julia was about to take down the Confederate flag occupying a place of honor ovr her dressing room door, she was told of her Southern belle role in “The Mississippi Gambler”. In fact, it was emphasized by Director Rudolph Mate and Producer Ted Richmond that she quickly develop a Southern accent, which would virtually drip with the nectar of magnolia blossoms.

“I hope they’ll be able to understand me when I hit the screens in Arkansas,” was Julia’s comment.

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