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Piper Kisses and Tells About Film Love Scenes

(reprint from “The Mississippi Gambler” campaign booklet)

When you get kissed by Tyrone Power you hear bells, says Piper Laurie. Bells like on a switch engine.

It was only a little over two years ago that the 20-year-old redhead was a member of the Tyrone Power fan club, Los Angeles Branch.

Today, young Piper shares costar billing with Tyrone Power and Julia Adams in Universal-International’s Technicolor “The Mississippi Gambler”.

Piper and Ty share a torrid romance in the film, and, by Piper’s account a total of eighteen kisses are exchanged.

“His kisses make your ears clang,” she says. “I’m liable to wind up with bells in my belfry.”

Bobby-soxer Tony Curtis, who was costarred with Piper in several pictures, doesn’t give out with the bell ringing, but his kisses apparently serve as a very effective thermostat.

“Tony’s kisses make you feel hot and cold all over in alternate phases,” says the actress. “They’re definitely on the ‘sending’ side.”

Hulking Rock Hudson is the only leading man who has worked opposite Piper who keeps his eyes open when he kisses.

“I guess Rock likes to see the job he’s working on,” philosophizes the actress.

The tenderest kisser in the business is veteran Charles Coburn, according to Piper.

“I think he kisses gently so that he won’t dislodge his monocle,” claims the kiss-and-tell actress.

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