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(reprint from “The Mississippi Gambler” campaign booklet)

When handsome adventurer Mark Fallon (Tyrone Power) bests Laurent Duroux (John Baer) in a poker game aboard a Mississippi river boat, he makes enemies of both young Duroux and his headstrong sister, Angelique (Piper Laurie), son and daughter of New Orleans aristocrat Edmund Duroux (Paul Cavanaugh).

Mark, teaming up with philosophical gambler John Polly (John McIntire), becomes a well-known and respected figure in New Orleans. The two men plan to build an elaborate gambling house devoted to strictly honest gambling. Despite Fallon’s honest intentions, however, he cannot gain the love of the beautiful Angelique who despises him as a common opportunist.

Fallon befriends the beautiful Ann Conant (Julia Adams), whose brother kills himself after losing heavily in a riverboat card game. Mark takes the bereaved Ann to New Orleans, where she participates in the planning of Fallon’s gambling establishment.

Laurent falls in love with Ann, who discourages his attentions. Enraged, the jealous Laurent challenges Fallon to a duel but turns coward at the last moment and brings disgrace on the Duroux name. The elder Durous tells Laurent to leave his home, and Angelique turns on her father and leaves also.

Angelique weds her childhood sweetheart, banker George Elwood (Ron Randell), but their marriage gets off to a poor start when he accuses his bride of being in love with Fallon.

Laurent attacks Fallon on a riverboat and is killed when he falls on his own knife. Fallon hurries to the bedside of the elder Duroux, who is dying from wounds suffered in a dueling match. Duroux asks Mark to always look after Angelique. Elwood “borrows” money from his own bank in order to lavish luxuries on Angelique. A “run” on the bank follows, and Fallon loses the money intended for the completion of the gambling casino. He resumes his riverboat gambling in an effort to recoup.

Elwood takes a large amount of money from the bank and leaves New Orleans. He is never heard from again.

When Elwood has been declared officially missing by the courts, Mark and Angelique fulfill her father’s wish and are married.

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