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Notes on the Movie

The film received four Oscar nominations, including Best Art/Set Decoration; Best Black-and-White Photography; Best Film Editing; and Best Sound.

Ty reprised his role of Clive Briggs for Lux Radio Theatre just days before going into the service in August of 1942. This time, Barbara Stanwyck starred with him as Prue Cathaway.

Just prior to filming This Above All, Ty had turned down Ten Gentlemen from West Point, where he would have starred opposite Maureen O'Hara. After finishing This Above All, he and Maureen O'Hara did film the magnificent pirate movie, The Black Swan. Thirteen years later, he did do a West Point movie with Ms. O'Hara, The Long Gray Line.

The musical score was composed by the great Alfred Newman, whose scores enhanced so many 20th Century Fox films, including fifteen in which Ty Power starred.

The screenplay for This Above All was based on Eric Knight's best-selling romantic novel, which was acclaimed as the "first great novel to come out of the Second World War." It was his last novel, because he was killed on January 13, 1943, in an airplane crash in Dutch Guiana.

The movie followed the book somewhat; however, there were some notable changes. In the novel, the relationship between Prue and Clive resulted in her pregnancy. In the movie, the appearance was given that they weren't even sleeping together. The Hays Office, of course, would have frowned on showing the book's version. The ending of the novel, too, was completely different from the movie. In the novel, Clive does die. During the operation to save his life, Prue's doctor discovers severe health problems stemming from Clive's childhood. Clive dies, not from the injury, but from already existing problems.

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