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Mother was Anne's earliest teacher.

Ty's sister, Anne Lavenue Power, was born August 26, 1915, in Los Angeles county, soon after the Power family moved back to California from Ohio. Tyrone and Anne, only about fourteen months apart, were extremely close as children and maintained that closeness as adults.

Anne Power loved the arts from an early age, with an interest in both music and painting. She was a gifted pianist. When her brother took the role of pianist Eddy Duchin for 1956's The Eddy Duchin Story, she helped coach him on the piano.

Anne's self-portrait

one of Anne's paintings

one of Anne's paintings

She loved painting so much that she made it her life's work, both as an artist and as a teacher. Her niece, Romina has said, "My Aunt Anne (my father's sister) tried for years to give a good foundation to my impulsive painting. Having had classical training, she detested my "non-method", and tried to indoctrinate me on the right way and the wrong way of doing things. She would give me serious lectures about shading, perspective, and composition. I have great admiration for my Aunt Anne's techniques, but I never followed her instructions. And she always knew that. But she loved me anyway." (Romina Power's Official Site ) Though most of her paintings were done in oil, she sometimes used watercolors. Her work also extended to sketches, in both pen and ink. She created a wide range of art works, including portraits, still life, landscapes, and even some abstracts. In the years 1940-1942, while a resident of Mill Valley, she had a studio in an old barn. Throughout her life, she painted and taught others to do so.

1/26/38 - Joseph Schenk Dinner at Clover Club
Don Ameche, Ty, sister Anne Power, and Mrs. Don Ameche

Sammy Kaye, the famous band leader, stops by to say hi to Ty and Anne!

When Tyrone Power became an overnight star, Anne was very proud of him. Now and then she would be seen on the town with him, possibly at a club or at a Hollywood event, such as a premiere.

During the World War II years, Anne Power Hardenbergh lived at Tyrone Power's home, while he was serving in the United States Marine Corps. Her husband, Elmer Peter Hardenbergh, about 15 years older than she, was also away, serving in the U.S. Army. The Powers and Hardenberghs decided that it would be well for Anne to stay at the Power home in Brentwood, while the men were away at war and while she was awaiting the birth of a child. The Hardenberghs' daughter, Neeltje Adelaide Hardenbergh (nicknamed "Pixie") arrived on May 26, 1943. When Ty arrived back home, after the war, his sister and little niece were among those at his home to greet him.

Anne Power's husband served not only in World War II but also in the Korean War. He was a Brigadier General when he retired from military service in 1960. Even though the Hardenberghs divorced in April 1958, she continued to use the name Anne Power Hardenbergh as her professional name, signing her paintings "Anne Power Hardenbergh". General Hardenbergh died on June 8, 1974, at Walter Reed Army Hospital, and was buried on June 11th, 1974, at Arlington National Cemetery, with full military honors. Anne lived and painted in many New England states and along the northeastern coast. During the last years of her life, she settled in Florida, where she continued to paint. She died Jan. 27, 1999, in Venice, Sarasota County, Florida. Her daughter, Neeltje Hardenbergh Dunham, followed her in death, on Nov 5, 2005, in Raymond, Cumberland County, Maine.

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