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Theatre Arts, February 1955
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3. Stefan, Gelda's brother, comes to warn Gettner that the soldiers are coming; as Gettner climbs to the loft, he says to Gelda:

Ask him what better thing it is he thinks
I should save myself for? Put it to him.

For your own sake is enough.
(Tyrone Power, Paul Roebling, Marian Winters)

4. Furniture has been moved to the stable, and Janik comes to pay his respects and to apologize to the Countess.

It may seem to you a poor sort of divided man
Who stops to apologize in the course of action;
But apology isn't repentance. I have to find
A new heart for these men, in a few hours.
They have ahead of them a day
When their spirit will be worth a nation,
To take your house is bully's work, certainly,
But it has a slight flavour of victory for them
To offset the day's mishap...

(Marian Winters, Arnold moss, Katharine Cornell)

5. Janik promises the countess that he will not search for Gettner, but advises her to keep him out of his way. In the meantime Peter has been brought back by the Hungarians; Gettner, drunk, has climbed down from the loft and kisses Gelda. There is an insulting exchange between Peter and Gettner. The Countess calls for music and asks the soldiers to dance.

How shall we manage, with time at a standstill?
We can't go back to where nothing has been said;
And no heart is served, caught in a moment
Which has frozen. Since no words will set us free --
Not at least now, until we can persuade
Our thoughts to move --
Music would unground us best,
As a tide in the dark comes to boats at anchor
And they begin to dance . . . .
(Ted Gunther, John Williams, Philip Kenneally, Katharine Cornell, Paul Roebling.)

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