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Darryl F. Zanuck followed up the blockbuster hit, In Old Chicago, by immediately re-teaming Tyrone Power, Alice Faye, and Don Ameche in Alexander's Ragtime Band.

Alexander's Ragtime Band was in pre-production for two years prior to filming.

Alexander's Ragtime Band is a classic 20th Century-Fox musical, with over two dozen of Irving Berlin's most popular tunes.

The movie was nominated for six Oscars, including Best Picture. Alfred Newman won his category of Best Musical Scoring.

The movie was a huge hit and received excellent critical acclaim. The criticism most often given was that the characters never aged, though the story spanned many years.

From the critics

The New York Times - "Alexander's Ragtime Band was played at the Roxy yesterday, and, at its finish, the score stood: Irving Berlin, 26; opposition, 0. Few sentimental gestures have been more expansive, few more lavishly produced than this motion picture tribute to Tin Pan Alley's most famous lodger.... The picture simply rides roughshod over minor critical objection and demands recognition as the best musical show of the year."

Time - "The movie is a two-hour, $2-million collection of songs by one composer, Irving Berlin, played and sung against the background of a conventional screen libretto, and is easily the best cinemusical of the year. To squeeze all of Berlin into one picture, producer Darryl Zanuck was forced in Alexander's Ragtime Band to fall back on the reliable pattern of youthful romance between bandleader Tyrone Power and singer Alice Faye. Rule for all such romances is that the principals must not be united until the final sequence."

Newsweek - "In its field, Alexander's Ragtime Band is outstanding moviemaking and a handsome tribute to the man whose life work inspired it."

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