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Older update entries are periodically deleted.

09.06.11 News
09.23.10 News
08.16.10 The link for monthly TV was changed on all the pages. TV-Now merged with TV Guide, and the URL had changed to This Month TV
11.08.09 News
10.21.09 site creator transferred site to Maria
03.14.09 Photos - Ladies He Dated (new page)
Photos - Leisure Time (updated)
Photos - Social Scene (updated)
02.09.09 50th Annual Memorial Service
01.28.09 new site colors
12.07.08 2009 Calendar
11.16.08 Timeline (updated)
11.14.08 added 50th Anniversary information to main page
11.13.08 Where to Buy Movies (updated)
11.12.08 Thin Ice screenshots (new page)
11.11.08 Photos - Young Ty (updated page)
11.03.08 Day-Time Wife screenshots (from the new DVD set)
Johnny Apollo screenshots (from the new DVD set)
11.02.08 Girls Dormitory screenshots (new page)
Cafe Metropole screenshots (from the new DVD set)
11.01.08 This Above All screenshots (from the new DVD set)
The Luck of the Irish screenshots (from the new DVD set)
That Wonderful Urge screenshots (from the new DVD set)
10.31.08 Love Is News screenshots (new page)
Love Is News (updated page)
10.25.08 complete site re-design

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