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Motion Picture
April 1947

Webmaster's Note:

Annabella left Ty a few months after his return from service in the Pacific. She went to New York to do a stage play, and, in October 1946, announced a legal separation. The comment that his wife, Annabella, "now resides at 13 Rue Madeleine" refers to the 1947 movie by that name, starring James Cagney, that she made. It was the last movie that she made for 20th Century-Fox. That same year, she returned to France to try to stage a comeback in the country where she had been a big star before her marriage to Ty. She was not able to rejuvenate her career to the level it had been, and she retired in 1954. She and Ty were divorced in 1949, and he married Linda Christian. Lana Turner has said that Tyrone was really the only man she ever really loved, despite her many marriages.

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