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Screen Guide
August 1942

Why I'm Glad to Leave Hollywood

As told to Lee Temple

by Tyrone Power

A small role in this man's war tops the best billing in films, if you're a man like Ty Power!

Webmaster's Notes:

In April 1942, Ty joined the Navy Reserves. By July 1942, he went to Naval headquarters to check on his status for active duty. No record was found at the Navy, and he was told that he would be able to enlist only as a seaman, not as a pilot. He then enlisted in the U.S. Marines in August 1942, where he could qaulify to become a pilot, if he passed the training, which, he did.

At the time this article was written, the movie, The Black Swan was to have been Ty's last movie role until after the war. However, after he reported for military duty, he was called into a superior officer's officer. He was told that he was needed back at 20th Century-Fox to complete one more movie, Crash Dive. Thus, Crash Dive was Ty's last movie until after the war.

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