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reprint from Hello magazine
September 18, 1988

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Tyrone, Romina, husband Albano and daughter Ylenia enjoy an unforgettable day together (right)

It was Tyrone's first visit to Venice, and he was fascinated by everything he saw.

But not everything has gone smoothly for them. The fateful trip got off to a bad start in the airport, where Romina's voluminous handbag was stolen with the entire family's documentation, including Tyrone's passport. The thieves also managed to run off with Albano's camera, which contained some treasured shots of the Powers' visit to Pisa and Pesaro.

Tyrone is the son from his father's marriage to Deborah Minardos, his third and last wife before he died of a heart attack in 1958. The late actor's second wife, Linda Christian, is the mother of Romina and her sister, Taryn.

Both Tyrone and Taryn live in the United States, but they never see each other because, according to the late actor's son, they just don't get on.

Tyrone is following in his father's footsteps and is doing very well for himself in Hollywood. He has appeared in the box office hit as Cocoon, its sequel Cocoon II, and Shag.

Romina has confirmed that she and Tyrone may soon be co-starring in a television series produced by her husband.

"It's just a little bait to get Tyrone to come to live in Italy, so I can have him closer to me. What's more, I've also warned him that I'm looking for a good girl to marry him," she jokes, looking at her brother for approval.

Aside from his career, this is perhaps just what Tyrone Jr. would like to do. He greatly admires his sister and her long marriage to Albano. "It's really wonderful to see such a happy family," he says a little enviously.

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