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Motion Picture
July 1950

Home is where
the heart is

The whole world is home to Tyrone and his Linda as long as they're together . . . but, can they afford to take such chances?

by Bea Converse

As you read this, Tyrone and Linda Power are living in the humid climate of Manila, where they are staying for three months while Ty makes American Guerrilla in the Philippines for 20th Century-Fox.

After that, these glamorous globe-trotters will travel half way around the world to England, where Ty will make preparations to star in Mr. Roberts on the London stage, and Linda will await the birth of their baby, due in October.

For to Linda Power, home is where Ty is -- no matter in what corner of the world -- and that's the way her husband wants it. But in this very closeness, in this desire to be together, lies the shadow of possible risks to Linda's health and to the safety of the baby they both want so desperately.

It seems almost destined that Ty and Linda have wings on their marriage. After spending two years in Africa and Europe, they returned to Hollywood to stay for a while, they thought. They made plans to redecorate their home in Brentwood and stretched out lazily on the sunny patio to enjoy their home. But that didn't last long.

First Ty was sent on location with the Rawhide company. The day he got home from the rugged location jaunt, he was told of the studio's plan to send him to the Philippines for his next picture.

Less than two months after he and Linda had returned home, they closed the door behind them and were on their way for a long overseas trek again.

Although they hadn't foreseen it or asked for it, they were jubilant about taking off again. As Ty said before he left, "I've been on wheels all my life. I want to travel, and I'm grateful that my work makes it possible."

And Linda, with shining eyes, told this reporter, "I've traveled since I was a year old. It's as necessary to me as eating. The only time I feel that I'm living is when I'm going somewhere."

But this time their journeys by boat and plane have a more dramatic flavor -- for this time, their unborn baby is traveling with them. And that makes all the difference.

Linda told me about it as she and Ty were packing just before they took off.

"At first our plans were to take the boat to Honolulu so that Ty could get a good rest on the boat trip. Then from Honolulu, Ty planned to fly to Manila where I would proceed by boat and meet him there. We thought it would be safer for me in my condition to travel the long distance from Honolulu to Manila by boat rather than plane.

"But at the last minute my mother phoned me from Mexico City and sounded very worried. She had been told that the magnetic pull of the sea was dangerous for pregnant women. So, because Ty and I want a baby more than anything else in the world, we decided against taking the chance of a long boat trip. Instead, I'm flying with Ty from Honolulu to Manila. We feel it is the lesser of the two dangers."

Because of their sad experience last year when they lost their unborn infant, Ty and Linda are taking extra precautions. Linda is cutting down on her activities. The premature birth of the first baby was believed to have been caused by too much activity, too much sun and improper food. In Manila, Linda is avoiding all strain and activity, which is hard for a girl as curious and energetic as she is.

"I have traveled almost all over the world," she told me, "but strangely enough, I've never been to the Philippines. It will be hard to have to take things easy instead of exploring the Islands as I'd like to."

She is going to great lengths to stay out of the sun, is eating the simplest food, and, when she left America, she was loaded with vitamin pills.

Another danger that Linda must avoid while she stays with Ty on the tropical island is the malaria mosquito. She once came down with malaria several years ago as she passed through Kenya, Africa. She's had several recurrences of the disease, but it has since cleared up. Once susceptible, however, she is doing everything possible to avoid another malTrebuchet MS attack in the humid climate of Manila. She knows that it is not only herself who is in danger but the precious burden she carries.

But such love and dependence upon each other exist between Ty and Linda that they will risk these dangers in order to be together.

They are blithe and happy about the travels that lie ahead and about the baby who will be born in London. They don't look back to the tragedy of the past but to the joy of tomorrow.

"Wouldn't you know it?" Linda said gaily. "I have a magnificent maternity wardrobe which Norman Hartnell made for me in London when I was expecting the first time. But it is mostly a winter wardrobe -- and here I am going to spend most of my pregnancy in the heat of Manila!"

Ty joined in her laughter. Their attitude about each other is wonderful. Everything they do is a happy adventure -- their life together, the family they expect to have, the future in which traveling will be very prominent.

"I think we'll always travel," Ty said. "Even with a family. It can be done, and it is wonderful for a child, too, to have geography brought right into his life that way. Linda's parents took their family all over Europe, America and Mexico when their children were very young, and it was an enlightening experience for them."

You hear, in Hollywood of movie stars such as Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Alan Ladd, Gene Autry and others who invest their large salaries in business investments. Ty, who has been a top star and money maker for fifteen years, is one film personality who doesn't care to own possessions.

"Business investments, real estate and other things would tie me down too much," he told me. "I must feel free to close the door and leave without having to put too many affairs in order first."

He likes his home in Brentwood because it is small and easy to turn the key on. He and Linda don't know what they'll do about the house when they return. As it is now, it is too small for the family they expect.

"Maybe we'll add a nursery -- maybe we'll sell and buy or build," Ty said. "We're not sure yet. There's time to decide all that."

Like all people who have learned how to live out of a trunk, they don't emphasize future problems. They live for today.

There's no doubt that in this marriage Ty is the head guy and his career comes first. Linda, who's never been particularly career-crazy anyway, is even less so now that she's married to Ty. However, it isn't because he objects to her having one.

"Linda is a girl of tremendous vitality and imagination," he told me. "She has to be doing something creative all the time. If it isn't acting, it's painting. I could no more ask her to sit back and do nothing than I could ask her to stop breathing."

Even before she knew the stork was on its way, though, Linda turned down very attractive film offers.

"If I should be working only one day and it happened to be the one day when Ty was off, it would kill me," she said.

She was almost tempted by the role of the Mexican girl in The Brave Bulls. It's a part made to order for her, and she was giving it a little yes thought when she learned that the baby was on its way. Then, of course, she said no very firmly.

"Just as well," Linda said. "Right after that Ty learned that he had to leave for Manila. So now I know that an acting career is not for me. I want to be free for Ty."

Packing was a Herculean job. As though it isn't hard enough to pack one set of trunks, Ty and Linda had to pack two sets of baggage -- one to take with them to the Islands, the other to be sent to London. Being travel-wise, they didn't lug everything with them. Then, when that was over with, they decided to rent their house while they were away, and some of their precious personal belongings had to be stored.

It will be a long time, probably more than a year, before the Powers return to Hollywood again -- this time, they fervently hope with their expectations fulfilled.*

But they both believe that home is where the heart is, whether in the suburban luxury of their Brentwood home, in the heat of the desert, the dampness of Manila or a chic hotel suite in London.

All these thing are home for Ty and Linda because their hearts are, undeniably, with each other.

*Webmaster's footnote: While Ty was filming American Guerrilla in the Philippines,the couple lost the baby that they were expecting.

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