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The House That Spells Welcome

by Marva Peterson

Modern Screen, Sept 1952

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IN THE SPRING OF 1947all Hollywood was speculating on the outcome of Tyrone Power's tempestuously sizzling romance with Lana Turner.

That hectic love affair was reaching its crescendo, when suddenly the quixotic Ty took off on a round-the-world good-will flight.

Who Was Linda Christian? Everyone

Ty. Linda and Nikko on the terrace of their new Bel Air home. With Hawaiian
lunai to give them privacy, the Powers love their "outdoor living room".

in Hollywood asked. What did she have that would make a man forget Lana Turner?

NO ONE APPARENTLY KNEW the answer, but there were others scattered throughout the world who could have told the local curiosity-seekers plenty. The employees of the Far East Oil Company, for example, stationed all the way from China to Palestine, smiled knowingly when they read the news. To the, Linda was George Welter's daughter, the attractive little girl who always spoke about becoming a rich and famous Hollywood actress.

The girls who went to school with Linda at the Paggio Imperiale in Florence said Linda's engagement came as no surprise to them. They didn't know Lana Turner,

Their bedroom is in the 2-story part of the house at rear.
Most of the massive furniture came from Ty's Brentwood home.

but they were willing to bet that Linda was infinitely more versatile.

In Mexico City, friends of Linda's family said that Ty Power was a very lucky man. After all, Linda was witty, beautiful, athletic, intelligent, and could speak five languages fluently. In addition, she was a good cook, a patron of good art, a competent manager and housekeeper.

TY MUST HAVE RECOGNIZED all these virtues, because he married the girl in the Church of Santa Francesca Romana in Rome. It was a wild, mad, tumultuous

Against their pale pink interior walls, the Powers used white and
off-white furniture throughout. The hand-woven upholstery is undyed
natural. Diego Rivera's portrait of Linda makes a vivid color spot.

wedding with thousands of movie fans, clamoring and mobbing them as they left the church.

Ty and Linda were sure their marriage would last, but in Hollywood the jaded sophisticates were saying, "It's only an infatuation. Probably won't last more than a year or two.

The marriage is three and a half years old. Ty and Linda have an 8-months-old dumpling of a daughter named Romina, and they've just moved into a new home that is causing almost as much comment as their surprise

On the dark-stained wooden floors, the Powers used shaggy white
wool carpets. The custom-made tables are of bleached cork with
antique legs. Fireplace bench was copied from Hawaiian hikie.

love affair.

THE POWER HOUSE IS ONEof the most beautiful in a colony of beautiful homes. Painted a tropical pink, which contrasts with its black wrought-iron accents, it looks almost like a jungle flower half-hidden among the lush growth of trees that cover this particular section of Bel Air.

The interior walls are also painted a pale pink, and most of the furnishings are white. Carpets of shaggy white wool are spread on dark stained wooden floors,

Ty & Linda spent a small fortune clearing land to make room for
this 35-foot heated swimming pool. Then dirt had to be brought
in to make a level terrace. Now they're set for outdoor living.

and the hand-woven upholstery remains in undyed natural. The dining room table and the lamp tables in the living room are of bleached cork set on antique white legs. The Massive bedroom furniture is modern and covered in white calfskin.      

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