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reprint from Life magazine
Dec 1, 1958

A Dashing Actor's Last Duel

Tyrone Power is buried in Hollywood after sudden death in Spain

When Tyrone Power fought a duel on a movie set in Spain, he was one step from a heart attack and one hour from death. On the screen - and on the stage - he had played a long list of dashing roles that made him rich beyond the dreams of ordinary people. Women loved him extravagantly. Newspapers followed every turn of his heart. People forgot that he was not just a handsome matinee idol. He was more, and over the years, he gave many fine and sensitive performances in difficult roles.

He was excellent in such movies as Lloyds of London and Witness for the Prosecution. He was superb in such stage parts as Lieut. Roberts in Mister Roberts, Richard Gettner in The Dark Is Light Enough and both a Yankee and Confederate soldier in John Brown's Body. He could walk proudly in the steps of his great-grandfather, Tyrone Power, a famous Irish actor, and his father, Tyrone Power, a well-known American actor who collapsed in a studio while making a movie and died next day.

In last furious sally Tyrone Power, as Solomon in film
"Solomon and Sheba", attacks in duel. A moment later,
suffering pains in chest and arms, he walked to his trailer,
lost consciousness and died in less than an hour.

Almost exactly so death came to Tyrone Power III in his 44th year. His heart attack came as he tried to put one final film villain to the sword. His body was flown to Hollywood where, as a veteran of World War II, he was given a military funeral at Hollywood Memorial Park Cemetery. The service was attended by his widow and third wife, 26-year-old Deborah, who is expecting their child in February. His first wife, French movie actress Annabella, wed in a civil ceremony, sent flowers. His second wife, Linda Christian (who considers herself by Roman Catholic law his only

Sightseeing in Spain less than a week before his death,
Tyrone Power and his wife Deborah pause for a smoke.
He is bearded for his role as Solomon in the film

wife), attended Mass at a Hollywood church with their two daughters Romina, 7, and Tayrn, 5. To them Power had written just before his death: "I miss you both and I do so look forward to the time we can be together again .... Be good girls and work well in school so that Mummy and Daddy can be proud of you ... With kisses and hugs to you both, and all my love and a big hello from Debbie. Daddy."

OFFICIAL MOURNERS headed by Mrs. Power, who holds the American flag
used in ceremony, leave cemetery. Power enlisted in the Marines as private,
became a pilot, rose to lieutenant, served overseas three years in the Pacific.

UNOFFICIAL MOURNERS whom Mrs. Power asked to stay away from the
funeral, visit the grave after the burial services. They are Linda Christian (right),
Power's divorced second wife, their children and a friend of Linda's.

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