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reprint from Life Magazine; February 7, 1949 issue

IN ROME ON JAN. 27 movie star Tyrone Power, whom the Italians call "Ty the Magnifico", was married to movie starlet Linda Christian, who at one time was billed as the "Anatomic Bomb". For this consummation of their year-old international romance, the lovers had the assistance of the Rt. Rev. William Hemmick, a monsignor and canon of St. Peter's basilica, an ex-football player named Mike Frankovich who held the doors shut over 8,000 screaming Italian bobby-soxers who were held in check by 1,000 carabinieri. After the ceremony the Powers were received by the Pope.

CAKE-CUTTING CEREMONY (to right) Tyrone and the new Mrs. Power

THE BRIDE-TO-BE CELEBRATES her approaching nuptials at Countess di Frasso's party a few days before wedding. With Miss Christian (right) are Count Rodolpo Crespi and her sister, Ariana. Count Crespi is married to the former Consuelo O'Connor who, with her twin Gloria, was a prominent member of New York's debutante class of 1947.

The marriage ended a courtship only slightly less publicized that that of Rita Hayworth and Aly Khan. Before the nuptials Power and Miss Christian were guests at a party given by Countess Dorothy di Frasso and attended by most of Rome's somewhat frazzled nobility. After a slow start, the party attained a fine state of exuberance.

At Di Frasso party the hostess, swathed in confetti, dances with Count Filippo Senni. At right the Princess Torlonia stares wide-eyed and openmouthed at Tyrone.

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