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Coronet Magazine
February 1949


Eight of America's greatest photographers present herewith the loveliest women in the world -- their models.

These photographers -- like Richard Avedon, whose portrait of his wife appears on this page (right) -- have created a new 20th-century art. With just the flutter of a lens, they can capture the glowing colors of a Rubens or, as easily, the soft, glowing beauty of a Renoir. And like the master painters of the past, they draw inspiration from their favorite models.

In selecting these photographs for Coronet , they have chosen from hudreds for a gallery of distinguished beauty.

Webmaster's Note: On January 27th, 1949, Tyrone Power married this beautiful model (his second wife). The couple had two daughters, Romina and Taryn. Sadly, in 1956, they were divorced.

To learn more about Linda, browse the various pages on this site. You will find photos of her under the section called "Photos"; also, you will find article reprints under the "Article Reprints" section.

The Other Models Selected

Terry Moore was Ty's leading lady in King of the Khyber Rifles.

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