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February 21, 1955

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Sergeant's Souvenir


In a rare tribute to an old friend, retired T/Sgt. Marty Maher of County Tipperary, Ireland and West Point, N.Y., President Eisenhower has granted permission to allow himself to be portrayed on the screen as Chief Executive and as a young cadet (below) in The Long Gray Line. Compounded of equal parts of college spirit, unabashed patriotism and Irish schmalz, John Ford's Technicolor Cinemascope opus is based on a recent book, Bringing up the Brass. It chronicles the 50-year career of Maher, a beloved West Point athletic trainer (played sympathetically by Tyrone Power) who was friend and unofficial father-confessor to future U.S. generals from MacArthur on. Excruciatingly sentimental at times, Long Gray Line is sure to quicken the pulse of every West Pointer, college coach and Irish-American and even surer to create a long green line of dollars at the box office for Columbia Pictures who made it.

Trainer Mary Maher (Tyrone Power) watches 1913 Army-Notre Dame Game with injured cadet Eisenhower (Harry Carey Jr.) beside him.

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