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December 31, 1940

Ty and Annabella beside their swimming pool. In the playhouse across from the pool is installed the pin-ball game she gave him for his birthday. He wins every time they play.

AFTER MORE THAN TWO YEARS, you hay have forgotten the mild furor that broke loose when Tyrone power fell in love with Annabella, with whom he had just made Suez .

American's lovelorn lady fans threatened to boycott his pictures - the penalty of a very handsome movie star for developing in a normal manner at 24. Nor was it all beer and skittles for the two principals. Annabella was already married, had a small daughter. So, doubly denying everything, she went home to France; he took a trip to South America. She returned with her divorce and her child. They were quietly married before anybody realized what was going on. Today the fuss and fury seem remote and a little ridiculous. Annabella has given up her career; Tyrone's popularity holds in spite of his treachery. This is an arrangement that suits them both. In the Brentwood house they bought from Grace Moore, Annabella weeds her own garden. Tyrone messes in his own photographic darkroom. Like ordinary folk. A butler named Shields, who manages the house and greets guests in impeccable butling clothes, is the only formal note.

THEIR SWIMMING POOL SAIL ended amicably, but while it was in progress, Tyrone threatened to tip his wife in. He gave up when it became clear that she would pull him in, too. They never bother to dress up at home; you can see that both need haircuts here. (She cuts her own with a pair of fingernails scissors.) For social appearances, she buys hats with ribbons or elastics so she can take them off and swing them from her arm as soon as she arrives. At home evenings the Powers play backgammon or read to each other in French and English. She learned English three years ago in order to appear in an English picture, but she still speaks with a strong accent. Tyrone has learned enough French to understand nearly everything his wife chatters about with Claudette Colbert.

THE POWER DOGS are as much at home in the well kept back lawn as the Powers are. Black dog is Princess. The police dog, Lady, came from the dog pound, and those are her puppies Tyrone and Annabella are playing with. That white staircase on the back of the house was built so the Powers could get from bedroom to swimming pool and back without tracking up the whole house.

THE "MR. POWER" in the framed theater posters above Tyrone's head is his great grandfather, who was an important Irish actor. Today's movie star Power is the fourth generation of actors in the family. His grandfather was also an Irish actor; his father was a well-known Shakespearean actor and made several Hollywood pictures. Tyrone collects prints of his father's films and once paid $150 for one five-reeler.

TYRONE AND ANNABELLA are two happy people together. After he finished The Mark of Zorro, they celebrated by driving their Lincoln Zephyr to his home town, Cincinnati, staying in auto camps. Contented quote from Mr. Power: "A man doesn't really start to live until he's married." Mrs. Power's accented echo: "I was ne-vaire so 'appy in my life." Love conquers all.

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