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Life Magazine, Mar 15, 1937
4-page article (click link at bottom to continue)

The picture below illustrates the Hollywood idea of how great newspapers get written. This idea is as firmly entrenched in the movies as the plot about the star reporter, the desk-banging city editor and the beautiful heiress. Both the idea and the plot appear in Love Is News, but Twentieth Century-Fox has woven them into a fast, fresh and highly-entertaining comedy. Loretta Young is the Richest Girl in the World, and Tyrone Power is the Star Reporter. When he tricks her into giving him an interview, she retaliates by telling the other reporters she is going to marry and settle a million dollars on him. Every paper but his own has the story, to the wrath of the City Editor. Jaws are socked all around, and the Star Reporter loses his job. Thereafter the jokes are chiefly on the Reporter until, at length, love ripens.

Tyrone Power (on floor in center) and other reporters
play checkers with beer and whiskey glasses on a bar-room floor.

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