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Life Magazine, Mar 15, 1937
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Funniest sequence in Love Is News takes place in a country jail. Loretta Young gets in the jail first, after being arrested for speeding (right). In the first picture below she is pouting at her judge and jailer, Slim Summerville. When Tyrone Power turns up, she makes him out to be a thief and he gets the cozily adjoining cell. The fourth picture below shows her borrowing a puff on his last cigarette. She bites his fingers, thus gets the whole smoke.

Love Is News show Tyrone Power, 22, to good advantage. This handsome young man was lifted to stardom only a few months ago by Lloyd's of London. Love Is News will probably establish him as the leading contender for the romantic-juvenile laurels now worn by Robert Taylor. Power comes from a famous stage family. His great-grandfather, the first Tyrone, was a leading figure on the Irish stage and his father, the second Tyrone, was a well-known Shakespearean actor. The third Tyrone began his career at 7, has been on and off the stage ever since.

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