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This article was taken from a scrapbook of a fan, who kept clippings of newspaper articles written at the time of Tyrone Power's death. The article is not complete, but the portion available is printed below.

On Movie Set in Spain ---

Heart Attack Fatal

For Tyrone Power



--- American stage and screen star Tyrone Power died of a heart attack today. He collapsed on a movie set after finishing a dagger-duel in which he fought off a make-believe assassin.

Power, 44, died at about 1:30 p.m. (7:30 a.m. EST) while being taken to a hospital.

He had collapsed about 30 minutes earlier after staggering off the set for the movie "Solomon and Sheba."

Still in the robes of his role as Solomon, Power was carried from his dressing room and taken to the Ruber Hospital. Hospital spokesmen said he was dead on arrival.

A doctor said Power died of angina pectoris.

He was stricken while performing one of the most difficult and strenuous roles in the picture co-starring actress Gina Lollobrigida.

Gina on Set

Miss Lollobrigida was on the set with him when Power called for a halt in the filming and went to his trailer dressing room.

He asked Ray Sebastian, his makeup man and friend for many years, for a brandy. Sebastian said Power complained of difficulty in breathing and of pains in his arms.

Producer Ted Richmond saw Power and then called the studio nurse and a car. By the time the auto arrived Power was unconscious.

Studio officials said Power had complained recently of not feeling well and had had a heart checkup a few weeks ago. Although some concern was felt about his health, no one dreamed his life was in danger.

Power, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, had complained of not feeling well this morning when he arrived on the set. But he insisted on going through with the duel scene in bitter cold temperature that had actors and actresses shivering in their flimsy Biblical robes.

Even for a man as athletic as Power, it was a difficult scene. It called for him to fall onto a stone floor, then writhe suddenly out of the way of an assassin's knife.

Waved Signal to Cut

He looked more and more distraught as the film progressed.

Hundreds of extras were on the set when Power suddenly waved a feeble "cut" sign and staggered to his dressing trailer.... (article continued on another page of newspaper, which was not in the scrapbook)


The scrapbook from which the above article was taken contained bits and pieces of other articles. Below is a reprint of one of the clippings.

Power complained of pain in his left arm, lit a cigarette and asked for a glass of brandy. Then he walked to his dressing room on the set. There the full force of the attack hit him and he collapsed.

Producer Ted Richmond and two other company officials carried him to Gina Lollobrigida's waiting car to rush him to a hospital. He was apparently dead on arrival although interns put him immediately into an oxygen tent.

another reprint of one of the clippings....

U.S. Air Force officials offered the facilities of the Torrejon Base for today's memorial service in view of Power's record in World War II as a pilot officer of the U.S. Marine Corps.

Power's widow drove to the base hospital with Richmond and his wife and William Gallagher, Power's secretary. She looked dazed and was sobbing quietly when she came out of the hospital conference room where her husband lay in state.

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