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These articles were taken from a scrapbook of a fan,
who kept clippings of newspaper articles written
at the time of Tyrone Power's death.

Power's Body Will
Be Flown to Hollywood

MADRID, Nov 17, 1958 (UPI) The body of Tyrone Power was prepared tonight for removal to the United States in a sealed casket. His pregnant widow, Deborah Ann, will accompany the body on the plane for California via New York.

The body of the 44-year-old matinee idol was removed from the clinic where he was pronounced dead Saturday after suffering a heart attack, and taken to the mortuary at the U.S. Air Force Strategic Command base at Torrejon. The body was embalmed there and sealed in the casket.

Mrs. Power is expecting a baby in February, and Bill Gallagher, Power's secretary for the last twenty years, will fly home with the body.

Yul Brynner will replace Power as the star of the film Solomon and Sheba, which still had a month's shooting when Power collapsed on an outdoor set in Madrid Saturday.

The star's death tied up production of the six-million-dollar Biblical extravaganza.

The film was insured by Lloyds of London for such a contingency, and Lloyds was footing the daily $100,000 bill.

Ironically, it was in the role of a dashing broker in the 1936 film Lloyds of London that Power was swept to Hollywood stardom.

Producer Ted Richmond and Director King Vidor were conferring in Madrid on what to do about resumption of shooting of the United Artists Company production.

Star's Widow
to Accompany Body
to Hollywood


MADRID, Nov 17, 1958 (UPI) -- The body of movie star Tyrone Power makes the melancholy last journey back to the United States today.

His widow paid a long goodbye last night to the handsome stage and screen idol who died Saturday of a heart attack.

Mrs. Power, the former Debbie Ann Minardos, who is expecting a baby early next year, will accompany the body on the flight home. She slipped away from friends last night and spent more than an hour at the side of her husband's body.

"She said nothing to anyone," a friend said. "She simply wanted to be alone with him. It may be her last chance like this."

A simple memorial service for the late actor, who at 44 suffered the attack while filming a scene from the movie, Solomon and Sheba, was held yesterday in the chapel of the American Air Force base outside the Spanish capital.

Air Force Chaplain Floyd Patterson presided with American minister Parke Armstrong and Richard Aldrich, chief of the U.S. mission to Spain, representing the U.S. government.

Thousands of U.S. airmen at the Strategic Air Force base also paid their last respects to the actor.

A spokesman for the film company said burial plans had not yet been completed. However, he said Power's friends believed the body would be interred at the Forest Lawn Cemetery outside Los Angeles.

In Hollywood, Yul Brynner agreed yesterday to take over Power's role in the six-million-dollar movie. A spokesman for the actor said he would leave for Spain next week after he completes the final scenes for The Sound and the Fury.

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