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Screen Guide
November 1941

TY POWER - Still a Killer

It started with "Jesse James"....
Goes on in "Yank in RAF"

DARRYL ZANUCK prescribed "Jesse James" for Tyrone Power as a Father prescribes cough syrup for his son - "Here, this'll make a man of you!" And it did. In half a dozen pictures before that, Ty had been a nice young fellow with romantic eyes and a way of winning the girl in the last reel. "Jesse" started him on a cycle of assignments as a hard-riding, fast-shooting he-man; it opened the way for him to big parts he would never have had otherwise.

Latest of these is the lead in A Yank in the RAF. In this Ty plays a cocky American in England's Royal Air Force who kills for bitter revenge, and in a rage. International law says it's legal in war, but for film purposes it's important because Ty is loose again as a killer.

Here is one war picture with no time for propaganda. It's sheer adventure -- with love when there's a minute for it. High spot in the film is the evacuation of Dunkirk. Speaking of that greatest thrill-story of this war, Winston Churchill said, "Never before in the field of human conflict have so many owed so much to so few." The few were the daredevils of the RAF, who held off the Germans so small boats could pick England's expeditionary forces off the beaches.

Besides making a he-man of Power on the screen, his rough-touch roles have made him one of the ten top box-office stars for three consecutive years. His latest picture is definitely planned to keep him there. Few critics will call A Yank in the RAF art, but Screen Guide's editors agree it will lure more people into theaters than almost any other picture this year. ecause it is a cinch to please the audiences once they're inside, it is worthy of the highest recommendation -- Screen Guide's Award of Merit.

Webmaster's Note: Some of the captions on the above pages would reflect that the article is based on the screening of the movie prior to the final cut. Some changes were made, as those who have seen the film, will realize.

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