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January 1953

"While all of Hollywood has been discussing the 1Chandlers, the Tyrone Powers have been giving their intimate circle of friends a great deal to talk about. The general opinion is that Linda Christian secretly enjoys being the cause of those raised eyebrows. A true continental, with several languages at her command, Mrs. Power makes no bones about saying that Hollywood parties are, for the most part, boring.

There is every indication of the restlessness she feels and, at the Van Johnson party especially, Linda's attempt to inject a little "life" into the festivities became the talk of the town. Her conversation is startling, and the semi-nude statue she posed for that now graces her garden is still a topic for conversation. Another topic is the verbal battle between Linda and Lita Baron Calhoun. The cause of it was a shocker even to their best friends.

Yet, if Tyrone Power is aware of the all too obvious situation, if he is unhappy about it, or cares at all, not even a mind reader would know it. His eyes are always on Linda and they are adoring. He never loses his temper with her. He smiles with amused acceptance over her antics. At every party, he is always charming, gracious, and subdued. When Linda wanted to act again in The Happy Time, he voiced no objections. He worships his little daughter, Romina, and to all evidence is a happily married man.

Linda loves foreign countries, and the Powers will undoubtedly divide their time between the United States and Europe now that 2Ty is free to make his own contractual agreements. There are a few who believe that Linda's restless nature will end the marriage, despite Ty's present contentment. There are more who believe that her ego is riding for a fall unless she pulls a few "stoppers".

Webmaster's Notes:

1 This article described the marriages of four couples, pictured above. The part of the article that discussed Ty and Linda's marriage has been printed here. The parts about other celebrity couples have been omitted.

2 Ty still had obligation to film movies for 20th Century-Fox in 1953; however, he had permission to look at other studios for roles that he wanted to do. He would finish out his contract with 20th Century-Fox in 1955, when he filmed Untamed.

3 The Powers had a second daughter, Taryn, in 1953, and this helped keep the couple together; however, within a couple years, they divorced.

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