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reprint from Screen Album magazine
Dec 1946-Jan 1947 (issued bi-monthly)

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He's home and gone again. Just like the wanderlust character he plays in The Razor's Edge, Ty is winging his way over South America in a shimmering new private plane. The open collar shirt and the slacks have replaced the gruesome garb of war from which he returned last December. The buck private who rose to the rank of first lieutenant and who flew all over the Pacific is recapturing the hearts of his followers. But he won't have to start from scratch because his public never forgot him, not for one second. And it's been that way from the beginning of his film career. Within three months after the fans caught a glimpse of him, he was acclaimed "the best find of 1936". Next to Annabella, aviation is his favorite dish, and he'll talk on that subject until the cows come home. Back from the wars, Ty stepped into a made-to-order role; even author Somerset Maugham admits that Power is the real-life double of Larry Darrell of The Razor's Edge. Both are boyish and debonair; both are sincere, loyal and have composures that calm others; both have long hands, intense eyes, high cheek-bones, deep tans and are just under six feet. Both have charmed graciousness, each speaks French, both smoke pipes, each has traveled extensively and, of course, both are flyers. Who else could fill Larry Darrell's shoes? Why, nobody except the fellow who currently is forgetting war and uniforms and movies while absorbing Latin American atmosphere.

Webmaster's Note
This article reflects an extremely optimistic view of the state of Ty's and Annabella's marriage. When this article was published, the Powers had separated. The marriage which was in trouble at the time he joined the Marines, but the two had decided to try to pick up the pieces after the war. Upon his return from the Pacific, they went on a second honeymoon to Canada, hoping to recapture the happiness of the first year of their marriage. In September of 1946, Annabella left Ty to go to New York, reportedly against his objections, to prepare to do the Broadway play, No Exit. In October, she announced their separation. In November, they attended the premiere of The Razor's Edge together.

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