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reprint from Screen Guide, May 1939

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STRANGEST THING about Tyrone Power is that he has been able to keep his secret self so well hidden while becoming the current pulse-stopper of the movie-going world's women. Following are some more things about him which keen observers have noted:

Ordinarily not much of a gambler, he likes pin-ball games such as are often seen in drug stores and sometimes bets $10 on high score in such games.

He never appears to be an actor. Off the screen he never "talks shop" (Most of the stars do). In conversation he tries to find a subject other than himself to talk about, even when he is being interviewed for facts about himself!

Recently he mentioned in an interview that he liked his Scotch with plain water. Ordinarily actors refrain from admitting that they imbibe -- but Ty got an avalanche of letters congratulating him for his honest statement!

What gave him his determination was being yanked from the cast of "Sing Baby Sing," his first movie job, because, fresh from Broadway, he was awkward and annoyed the director. Then he was made to sit on the sidelines and watch another actor -- to see how it should be done -- although his chief offence had been wearing hard soled shoes! A more temperamental stage celebrity would have tossed the studio in Mr. Zanuck's face. But the embarrassment made Ty swear he'd probe himself. He did, in "Lloyds of London," and after that ascended fast.

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