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Release date: November 2, 1934
Run Time: 97 minutes
Black and White
Warner Bros. - First National
Genre: Musical

Cast and Crew (IMDB)

This movie was produced by Warner Brothers-First National. At the time of the production, 20th Century-Fox, the studio that would become Tyrone Power's home lot wasn't even in existence. Indeed, it would be six months after Flirtation Walk was released that Twentieth Century Pictures and Fox Film would merge to become 20th Century-Fox.

Tyrone Power is seen only fleetingly in this romantic musical comedy, as one of many West Point cadets. The movie was made a couple years before Power hit stardom and stars Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler. He is uncredited.

The New York Times said that the movie was "a rousing recruiting poster that tells of the raptures, the sentimental joys, the minor difficulties, and the collegiate fun of life among the institutional lads at the military academy."

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