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Release date: May 29, 1936
Run Time: 66 minutes
Black and White
20th Century-Fox
Genre: Drama/Romance

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Tyrone Power was still struggling as a contract player for 20th Century Fox when he appeared in a very small role in Girls' Dormitory. He is only seen at the end of the film, which was a romantic vehicle for Simone Simon, an attractive French star, favored by Darryl F. Zanuck. Zanuck enlisted other familiar names for the movie, Herbert Marshall and Ruth Chatterton, to help at the boxoffice since, at this point, Simone Simon was new to American audiences. While Power had only a very small role in Girls' Dormitory, it was enough to bring him a certain amount of notice. When asked what they liked best about the film, fans commented they liked most "that guy in the last scene". Zanuck began to take notice, though he still wasn't convinced of Power's star potential. In just a few short months, though, things would be changing at Fox studios.

Simone Simon plays Marie Claudel, who attends a strict finishing school in the Tyrolean Alps. She falls in love with the much older headmaster, Stephen Dominik, who, for a bit, dismisses her attention. As other events unfold, however, he comes to believe that he loves her and announces to his assistant, Anna, that he is going to marry her. A complication occurs because Anna has also secretly been in love with Dominik for years. She decides to leave the school because of the startling announcement. When Marie discovers Anna's secret, she pretends that the entire episode with Dominik was just a lark. Near the end of the movie, handsome Count Vallais, played by Tyrone Power, shows up at the school and asks for her. They leave together after the graduation ball. Dominik follows them, but Marie convinces him that she wasn't really in love with him. Dominik talks Anna into staying on at the school.

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