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The most exclusive shrine in Hollywood for memoralizing stars is Grauman's Chinese Theatre (Mann's Chinese Theatre). Grauman's Forecourt of the Stars is reserved for screen legends. There can be no greater honor for a Hollywood actor than to be chosen to have his footprints, handprints, and signature placed in cement there. The first ceremony was for Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks in 1927. There are now only about two hundred stars whose imprints can be found there.

Tyrone Power was just twenty-three when he was honored with having his prints placed in cement at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. He was honored on May 31, 1937, in a ceremony held jointly for him and Loretta Young, a friend and one of his frequent leading ladies. He signed the block of cement with the inscription, "To Sid - Following in my father's footsteps", which was a tribute to his father, Tyrone Power, Sr., who was an early film actor, but better known as a great stage actor. Sid referred to Sid Grauman, founder of Grauman's Chinese Theatre and one of the 36 founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


Thank you to Joan Leighton and Angelique for the two camera shots
of Tyrone Power's cement block at Grauman's Chinese Theater.
(Joan's is on the left; Angelique's on the right)

1957 - Grauman's, with Ty's movie, The Sun Also Rises, featured.

Grauman's Chinese Theater

Thank you to Angelique for this photo (left) of
Tyrone Power's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is another important landmark in Hollywood. The Walk of Fame has paid homage to many more movie stars than Grauman's. The first star on the Walk of Fame was laid in 1960, and many more artists from various fields of the entertainment industry have been honored since that time. There are now over two thousand stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Tyrone Power has a star on the Walk of Fame, in addition to having his hands, feet, and signature in cement at Grauman's. His star can be found at 6747 Hollywood Blvd.

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