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Ty's Protege His Co-Star in 'Rifles'

(reprint from “King of the Khyber Rifles” campaign booklet)

It's been a scant five years since Tyrone Power, in England to begin location shooting on "The Black Rose", noted the work of a promising British film actor, Michael Rennie, in London-produced films, and suggested the Briton for a key supporting role in "Black Rose".

Today Power and Rennie are reunited, but as co-stars, along with Miss Terry Moore, in "King of the Khyber Rifles", the CinemaScope spectacle in Technicolor from Twentieth Century-Fox. And Rennie has even stolen a march on Ty Power in that "Khyber Rifles" is his second film in the new process - he was in the first ever made in CinemaScope, "The Robe" - whereas Power's second in CinemaScope is just now in the planning stage, "The Long Gray Line", a story of West Point, to be made at Columbia.

Rennie's work in "The Black Rose" met with such instant success that he was imported to America, where he now regularly resides, boasting of a "half-English, half-American accent". "The 13th Letter", "Phone Call from a Stranger", and "Sailor of the King" have been among his greatest successes for Twentieth Century-Fox prior to his triumph as Simon, called Peter by Jesus and known as 'The Big Fisherman', in "The Robe".

The Lincolnesque star will be seen next season in a sequel to "The Robe", "Demetrius and Gladiators", co-starring Victor Mature and Susan Hayward.

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