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These leading ladies were paired with Ty more than once!

(pictured left - Ty and Linda Darnell, in The Mark of Zorro)

Loretta Young

born Jan 6, 1913, Salt Lake City, Utah
died Aug 12, 2000, Los Angeles, California (ovarian cancer)


movies with Ty
Ladies in Love, Cafe Metropole, Love Is News,
Second Honeymoon, Suez

other popular movies
The Bishop's Wife, The Farmer's Daughter, Come to the Stable

Loretta has a long successful film career. Her acting career was extended when she starred in the television series, "The Loretta Young Show", from 1954-1963.

Linda Darnell

born Oct 16, 1923, Dallas, Texas
died April 20, 1965, Chicago, Illinois (fire at friend's home)


movies with Ty
Mark of Zorro, Blood and Sand, Day-Time Wife,
Brigham Young

other popular movies
My Darling Clementine , Forever Amber, It Happened Tomorrow

Linda Darnell signed a long-term contract with Twentieth Century Fox in 1939. As a teenager in Texas, she had Ty's picture on her bedroom wall. Before reaching her 16th birthday, she was playing his wife in 1939's Day-Time Wife.

Alice Faye

born May 5, 1915, New York, New York
died May 9, 1998, Rancho Mirage, California (stomach cancer)


movies with Ty
Alexander's Ragtime Band, In Old Chicago, Rose of Washington Square

other popular movies
Hello Frisco Hello, Tin Pan Alley, Lillian Russell

The lovely actress and singer, Alice Faye, and Ty shared the same birthday (his was May 5, 1914). She was one of his earliest friends at 20th Century-Fox, and they remained close, lifelong friends. She left 20th Century-Fox in 1945, after she saw what she viewed as a "hack editing job" on her film, Fallen Angel.

Gene Tierney

born Nov 19, 1920, Brooklyn, New York
died Nov 6, 1991, Houston, Texas (emphysema)


movies with Ty
Son of Fury, The Razor's Edge, That Wonderful Urge

other popular movies
Laura, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Leave Her to Heaven

Gene Tierney was married to designer Oleg Cassini, from 1941 to 1952. During their marriage, he often designed her clothes for films, including two that she did with Ty: The Razor's Edge and That Wonderful Urge.

Anne Baxter

born May 7, 1923, Michigan City, Indiana
died Dec 12, 1985, New York City, New York (brain aneurysm)


movies with Ty
Crash Dive, The Razor's Edge, Luck of the Irish

other popular movies
All About Eve, The Magnificent Ambersons,
The Ten Commandments

Anne Baxter began her career on stage. A favorite with Ty, she joined him on stage in 1953 in John Brown's Body, when she replaced Dame Judith Anderson for the second tour of the stage show.

Sonja Henie

born April 8, 1912, Oslo, Norway
died October 12, 1969 on way, by air, to Oslo, Norway (leukemia)


movies with Ty
Thin Ice, Second Fiddle

other popular movies
One in a Million, Sun Valley Serenade, Iceland

This three-time olympic gold medal skater (1928, 1932, & 1936) had only a brief movie career, starring in just eleven films, mostly romantic, light musical comedies, which featured her skating. She continued to do ice shows until 1960, which were very popular.

Maureen O'Hara

born August 17, 1920, Ranelagh, Dublin, Ireland


movies with Ty
The Black Swan, The Long Gray Line

other popular movies
How Green Was My Valley, Miracle on 34th Street, The Quiet Man

Maureen O'Hara came to America in 1939, where she began making films. Her big break came when she was cast by John Ford in the 1941 Oscar-winning film, How Green Was My Valley. For the remainder of her career, she was usually paired with top Hollywood leading men, including Tyrone Power, Rex Harrison, James Stewart, Henry Fonda, and John Wayne, among others. In 2004, her book, Tis Herself: A Memoir, was published.

Susan Hayward

born June 30, 1918, Brooklyn, New York
died March 14, 1975 Hollywood, California (brain cancer)


movies with Ty
Rawhide, Untamed

other popular movies
My Foolish Heart, I'd Climb the Highest Mountain,
With a Song in My Heart

In 1956, Susan filmed the movie, The Conqueror, on location in St. George, Utah. The location was close to an atomic bomb testing site. The director of the movie, Dick Powell, and many in the cast, including John Wayne, John Hoyt, Agnes Moorehead, and Susan Hayward, among others, died of cancer, most likely caused by radioactive toxins in the area of the bomb testing site.

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