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Abandon Ship
Alexander's Ragtime Band
American Guerrilla in the Philippines
Black Rose
Black Swan
Blood and Sand
Brigham Young
Cafe Metropole
Captain from Castile
Crash Dive
Daytime Wife
Diplomatic Courier
Eddy Duchin Story
Girls' Dormitory
I'll Never Forget You
In Old Chicago
Jesse James
Johnny Apollo
King of the Khyber Rifles
Ladies in Love
Lloyds of London
Long Gray Line
Love is News
Luck of the Irish
Marie Antoinette
Mark of Zorro
Mississippi Gambler
Nightmare Alley
Pony Soldier
Prince of Foxes
Rains Came
Razor's Edge
Rising of the Moon
Rose of Washington Square
Second Fiddle
Second Honeymoon
Solomon and Sheba
Son of Fury
Sun Also Rises
Thin Ice
This Above All
Tom Brown of Culver
Witness for the Prosecution
Wonderful Urge
Yank in the R.A.F.

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