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March 25, 1937 - Standard Brands Hour (NBC): Scenes from Noel Coward's "Shadow Play", with Muriel Kirkland

Oct 3 - 1937 - June 6, 1938 - Host and star of Jergens' Hollywood Playhouse (NBC).
"Her Cardboard Lover", with Margaret Sullavan
"Ceiling Zero", with June Lang
"Petticoat Fever", with Ida Lupino
"Men in White", with Doris Nolan
"Just Suppose", with Anne Shirley
"Journey's End"
"Panama Nocturne", with Gail Patrick
"The Truth Game", with Florence Rice"
"Singing in the Cell", with Marjorie Weaver
"Afternoon of A Faun", with Sally Blane
"Never See Snow Again", with Ann Dvorak
"Vanity and Some Gables", with Glenda Farrell
"Beauty and the Bite", with Heather Angel
"Benefit of Clergy", with Andrea Leeds
"Hotel for Z", with Olivia de Havilland
"Story of Natchez", with Fay Wray
"Geek Gets Girl", with Anita Louise
"Forever England", with Ida Lupino
"Trinidad Dryad", with Ann Sothern
"I Will Be King", with Constance Bennett
"Lloyds of London", with Virginia Bruce
"Broadway Buckaroo", with Phyllis Brooks
"Road to Destiny", with Helen Mack and Judith Barrett
"The Duplicity of Hargraves", with Jean Parker
"Shadow Light", with Joan Bennett
"I Got Two Sweeties", with Anne Shirley
"Calling Dr. Kildare", with Isabel Jewell
"Blood Is Thicker Than Water", with Madge Evans
"A Service of Love", with Maureen O'Sullivan
"Fifty Roads to Town", with Ann Sothern
"Swing Your Partner", with Marjorie Weaver
"Walking on Air", with Sally Eilers
"I, Gregory Orlov", with Constance Bennett
"See You Sunday", with Gail Patrick
"Unto the Third Generation", with Ida Lupino (playing Tyrone Power I in this drama, about his ancestor)
"The Tower Gate", with Merle Oberon
"Son of Mama Posito", with Beulah Bondi

Tyrone Power and Loretta Young rehearsing Love Is News
Jergens Hollywood Playhouse, New Year's Day, 1939

January 1, 1939 - Feb 5, 1939 -
Host & star
of Jergens' Hollywood Playhouse (NBC)
"Love is News", with Loretta Young
"The Laughing Pirate", with Lynn Bari
"Caviar on the Cob", with Jane Wyman
"Suez Transit", with Anita Louise"
"War for Sale", with Gale Page
"And Ensuing Complications", with Ida Lupino

June 6, 1939 - RCA Magic Key ("All-American Broadcast") (NBC):
Scenes from "Second Fiddle" with Ty in Hollywood and Sonja Henie in Oslo, Norway

Jan 07, 1940 - Screen Guild Players (CBS): "The Petrified Forest", with Joan Bennett and Humphrey Bogart

Nov 18, 1940 - Lux Radio Theatre (CBS): "The Rage of Manhattan", with Annabella

Dec 15, 1940 - Screen Guild Players (CBS): "Seventh Heaven", with Annabella

Oct 20, 1941 - Lux Radio Theatre (CBS): "Blood and Sand", with Annabella

Barbara Stanwyck looking at Tyrone's Marine Corps emblem
Lux Radio Theatre rehearsal for "This Above All"

Sep 14, 1942 - Lux Radio Theatre (CBS): "This Above All", with Barbara Stanwyck

Oct 26, 1942 - Screen Guild Players (CBS): "A Yank in the R.A.F.", with Betty Grable and John Sutton

Feb 23, 1942 - DuPont Cavalcade of America (NBC): "Arrowsmith"

Apr 06, 1942 - DuPont Cavalcade of America (NBC): "Yellow Jack"

May 25, 1942 - DuPont Cavalcade of America (NBC): "Young Thomas Jefferson"

Oct 24, 1943 - We the People (CBS): Tyrone discusses his boot camp training

Oct 27, 1943 - Emcee for Navy Day Special from Corpus Christi (NBC)

Nov 20, 1944 - Tonight in Hollywood (CBS): "Sauce for the Goose", with Alice Faye and Ethel Merman

Jan 06, 1946 - Hollywood Star Time (CBS): "Seventh Heaven", with Jeanne Crain

Apr 07, 1947 - Lux Radio Theatre (CBS): "Alexander's Ragtime Band", with Dinah Shore, Al Jolson, Dick Haymes, Margaret Whiting

May 26, 1947 - Screen Guild Players (CBS): "Johnny Apollo", with Dorothy Lamour and Lloyd Nolan

Nov 06, 1949 - Theatre Guild on the Air (NBC): Herman Wouk's "The Traitor", with William Eythe and Nina Foch

Dec 16, 1951 - Theatre Guild on the Air (NBC): Sinclair Lewis' "Arrowsmith", with Loretta Young

Apr 19, 1953 - Theatre Guild on the Air (NBC): Robert E. Sherwood's "The Petrified Forest"

Mar 23, 1954 - Suspense (CBS): "The Guilty Always Run"

Jan 18, 1956 - Hall of the Spoken Word (NBC): Reading from Byron's "She Walks in Beauty"

Apr 09, 1958 - Nightline (NBC): Discussing his father's career

Nov 16, 1958 - Monitor (NBC): Conversation, taped on the day he died, on the set of "Solomon and Sheba"(broadcast the next day)

Belafonte, Dennis. The Films of Tyrone Power. Citadel Press. 1979.


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